Know Your Soil

Whatever we do, we want it to thrive.  We desire to see our work grow freely and without hesitation.  But this doesn’t occur by happenstance; it takes the right environment for our efforts to prosper.  

No one plants a garden without first digging up the ground and finding what’s there.  But this process can be taxing--rocks, weeds, and pests can invade an area and overtake anything that tries to make its home there.  

We’re no different.  Uncovering our inner soil can be messy; pain we’ve experienced and the insecurity that follows mimic a pest in the ground, eating away at what promotes growth.  The aftermath of failure or letdown can harden our hearts and close us off from new experiences. The grass that masks our past might look lush, but only what is thin and seasonal will be able to continually grow there.  

What if we had the courage to excavate our lives and find out what’s there?  The good, the bad, the ugly--all of it. Adding nutrients to what’s been damaged can unlock the potential for bigger, brighter, and more exotic things to sprout.  Pruning our strengths will only refine our skills and render them more potent.     

Knowing our soil reveals our blindspots.  Staring in the face of our doubts and limitations, though initially frightening, steals back the courage they’ve previously robbed.  Exposing the falsehood in our fears gives the opportunity to turn what was once our greatest weakness into our most dynamic asset.  

The thought of inviting a friend to help us in this process can be daunting, a vast garden needs multiple hands to flourish.  The narrative we’ve crafted about our lives can be sprinkled with creeping lies, but another trusted set of eyes can reveal a different truth that we could never see on our own.

So, what’s in your soil?  Taking an inventory of what you have and where you are is an essential part of growth.  Just as a plant requires room to stretch its roots and gain stability, we also need a firm foundation that gives us confidence in our work.  

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