The Story

Scrolling through Facebook one January afternoon in 2017, an article caught my attention: “It’s easier to make candles at home than you think.”  Skeptical but intrigued, I read the story and followed the link to Amazon (click-baiting wins, again). The sudden burst of ideas that came from a $22 candle-making kit and same-day shipping was too good to pass up.  But of course, when it arrived, the idea generator turned to dust collector all too quickly, and it sat on the shelf for almost a year. 

Winter break came around, and I finally decided to try my hand at making my first candle on my kitchen stovetop.  I found something incredibly peaceful about the process, and decided to bring the kit back to campus weeks later. A few prototypes floated around to my friends and eventually fell into the hands of my Area Director for an organization I helped lead called YoungLife.  He loved the idea of hand-poured candles, and asked if I would be willing to make a batch as a gift for their local donors. “Wow!” I thought, “But I need to have a name and a label if I want this to be legitimate.”  

Wild Roots Candle Co. was born.  Well, sort of. 

I operated under the name “Bear Soy Candle” at the time, combining a truly rustic and authentic theme with soy wax products.  Soy wax provides a cleaner, slower burn that allows the candle to last longer. I’ve always been attracted to the idea of including my friends in business, so I reached out to a few who are talented graphic designers; they branded a logo and produced a marketable product.  The YoungLife committee loved our candles, so I got back to the workshop (an empty room in our house) and poured around 200 more to sell at the annual banquet.  They were a hit!  Selling a variety of scents at local farmer’s markets, other large events, and using them as wedding gifts enabled me to learn the ends and outs of running a business full-time.  

My passion for small business was birthed out of this simple $22 Amazon purchase, and after taking a year off to work in Washington, DC, I’ve decided to revamp and rebrand my product under the name Wild Roots Candle Co.  This time, I’m including more friends in my pursuit, because I’ve seen the value in doing things together; having others around me who I trust keeps my mind sharp and my values true. We can’t wait to deliver a new line of products as we continue to grow the business.  

So chase your wild roots as we chase ours.  The adventure is only beginning.